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When you show up for yourself, you show up for the world.

NLP Alignment Coaching

I’m Bahia Yackzan
I am a Core Alignment Coach, an Emotional Wisdom Training Specialist, and a Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Educator.

My Coaching purpose is to empower clients to align their vision with their values and actions so that they can lead lives they love.

My Training purpose is to empower people and organizations to align their vision with their values for equitable inclusion so that practices and policies serve the greater good. 

The more each of us is in alignment with our purpose, the more at peace we are with ourselves and the rest of the world.

More About Me


Individual Coaching

One-on-one sessions offer a fast-track to getting clear on what matters to you, what it is you really want for your life and support you in building the how-to moves to achievement. Explore my coaching sessions to find your own personal and professional answers.

Small Group Coaching

Small group courses are offered in twelve-week modules. A variety of topics are available and can be tailored to fit your group’s needs. All content builds upon foundational practices of neurolinguistic programming.

Trainings & Consultations

We can learn how to step out of culturally conditioned biases, how to create equitable inclusion, and how to communicate across differences. Schedule trainings with me to improve community climate on your campus, or in you company, department, etc.

The Benefits of Coaching

In a changing and unpredictable world, it’s hard to find clarity of mind in our personal and professional lives. My coaching is designed to help you reconnect with what is important to you. Taking time to invest in your clarity will help you to find your resilience. My coaching program is developed to help you:

  • Know Who You Are
  • Know Your Values
  • Align Values with Actions
  • Heal with Truth

“The process is unique and empowering”

Core alignment coaching with Bahia has been such a beautiful journey for me. Bahia’s warm and welcoming presence creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort. Her guidance has been a monumental help throughout my path in building self-confidence and self-acceptance. I’ve really loved how core alignment coaching has supported me in standing unapologetically in my truth. Thank you, Bahia! This process is in itself truly unique and empowering.

Y. Andary


I highly recommend Let the River Flow to anyone interested in engaging in an evening of interesting conversation that can be uplifting, funny, deeply introspective, meditative and even transformative.”

Jerry Wang, MD

“Space to clarify your path”

What I love about coaching is not only Bahia’s incredible skill in facilitating, but the space it allows for you to focus on and clarify your desired path. The conversations allow for you to have a personal yet guided journey that leads you deeper into your heart. It can be a deeply introspective, revealing process if that is what you are seeking, but what is brilliant about it is that you as the client take it where you want to take it. I love it and feel more conscious after every session.


Small Group & Trainings

Classes & Content

Let the River Flow ~~CURRENT~~

Re-connecting to the heart of your own and others’ true selves. By letting “the river flow” we can speak soul to soul and  explore how to navigate the pains and joys of current cultural crises — and other issues — and find unity, hope and motivation.

Implicit Bias ~~UPON REQUEST~~

Exploring and re-evaluating various influences and messaging on our hearts and minds to learn how to become more conscious of our own attitudes and choices. Come see what can happen when we look at ourselves through a new lens to cultivate our best thinking and better align our actions with our values. 

The Journey of Facing Truth to Walk our Talk ~~UPON REQUEST~~

Getting to the heart of conditioned racism and practicing what it takes to counter it by opening genuine pathways to equitable inclusion. This is an opportunity to see and make new choices, to identify and move beyond defenses, to build community and to make way for traditionally marginalized voices to be front and center.

Understanding Racial Literacy to Build Stronger Community: Ask Questions, Share, and Grow ~~UPON REQUEST~~

Expanding and integrating awareness of our own racial identity development through discussion, reflections, activities and learning from our mistakes. Supporting each other’s growth without judgement so that we may learn and develop inclusive-consciousness and practices.

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